"युवा कृषक उधमी अवार्ड २०७९"


Social Organization for Liberal Volunteers Engagement Nepal (SOLVEN) is a non-profit seeking and a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) established to foster sustainable community development through youth participation. It was initiated in 2005 by a diverse group of students representing different ethnicities and different regions of Nepal. It took its birth in a critical period of political uncertainty.


The vision of the SOLVEN is to make youths politically as well as socially responsible citizens with sole consciousness towards development.

About Us

Social Organization for Liberal Volunteers Engagement Nepal (SOLVEN) is a non-profit seeking Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) established in 2005 to foster sustainable community development. It was conceptualized and initiated in a critical period of political uncertainty by youth having their representation from different ethnic communities and geographic regions of Nepal.


Our mission is to empower and mobilize youth on social justice, sustainable peace, human rights, sustainable development, and technology. We aim to transform society through youth volunteerism at all levels.

Vision, Mission, Objectives

To develop capacity of youths (Training, workshop, seminar, national and international exposure visit)


- To build consensus on common social issues.
- To increase youth participation in social activities in development of Dolakha community.
- To educate community people about basic health, hygiene & sanitation.
- To provide training on basic first aid to different groups from target communities.

Accomplished Activities

- Training to User Group Leaders about Different Perspectives of Development- Orientation program, Kageswori Manohara Municipality, Kathmandu, (2019), Funded by: Kageswori Manohara Municipality, Kathmandu.
- Water Caravan- "Peace On The Move" as a Co-organizer with Guthi. (2008) Funded by: USAID/OTI