About Us


Social Organization for Liberal Volunteers Engagement Nepal (SOLVEN) is a non-profit seeking and a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) established to foster sustainable community development through youth participation. It was initiated in 2005 by a diverse group of students representing different ethnicities and different regions of Nepal. It took its birth in a critical period of political uncertainty.

The basic premise of the organization is to empower communities, to create awareness and to take initiatives on the dynamics of development. This organization has taken the activation of volunteers as its strategy from the beginning. SOLVEN has had experiences in peace building models and has received praise for its activities in the past.

SOLVEN's activities have been geared towards fostering discussions on current political, economical and social problems. Throughout its activities, the organization has tried to educate and raise awareness among people on multi disciplines of the society. Among them peace building, human rights, good governance, education, environment, agriculture, health and livelihood uplift are major. Organization emphasize on the role and involvement of youths, equally of both male and female in the dynamic change of society and process of peace building. It has also played a prominent role in facilitating the youths, people out of the main stream of the nation, victims of conflict and those involved in conflicts for getting various opportunities, which is closely connected with peace building in the society.

Our activities also got important places in both the print and electronic media. We have twice become, in very short span of time, the part of successful stories of USAID/OTI/ Chemonics International Inc., in which only highly successful projects get the chance to be seen.