About Us


Social Organization for Liberal Volunteers Engagement Nepal (SOLVEN) is a non-profit seeking Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) established in 2005 to foster sustainable community development. It was conceptualized and initiated in a critical period of political uncertainty by youth having their representation from different ethnic communities and geographic regions of Nepal. The basic premises of the SOLVEN are to empower communities, to create awareness and to take initiatives on the dynamics of development. The major strategy of the organization since its beginning is activation and mobilization of youth.

SOLVEN's activities have been gearing towards fostering discussions on current political, economic, environmental and social problems. Throughout its activities, the organization has tried to educate and raise awareness among people on multi disciplines of the society. Some of noticeable among them are peace building, human rights, good governance, education, environment, health and livelihood. It has well experiences in demonstrating peace building models and has received praise several times for its activities in the past. Organization emphasizes the role of youth in maintaining harmony in the dynamic society and also due acknowledge the significance of gender balance.

SOLVEN has also played a prominent role in facilitating the youths and marginal communities, victims of conflict and those involved in conflicts with the hope of getting various opportunities which helps peace building in the society. Its activities are continuously getting important places in both the print and electronic media.  In a very short time span, the organization has been able to get place of success stories in the home page including that of USAID/OTI/ Chemonics International Inc.