Vision and Mission

The vision of the SOLVEN is to make youths politically as well as socially responsible citizens with sole consciousness towards development.   

To empower and mobilize youths on different dimensions of society including social justice, sustainable peace, human rights and sustainable development and to mobilize youth volunteers to help the development of society.

Goals and Objectives

  1. To build consensus on common social issues;

About Youth Involvement
SOLVEN is trying to involve youth; both male and female equally in all its activities and programs and also make proportional involvement of other indigenous nationalities and backward communities. Specially, SOLVEN is working with influential youths and community.

Working Areas/Disciplines
SOLVEN is working for the overall political, economical, environmental and social development.  Some of the scopes of the SOLVEN are:

Accomplished Activities/Experiences

  1. An interaction with women, students, human rights activists and journalists on  ‘Culture and Woman Empowerment’; (2005)
  2. Creative Role played on 'Historic April Movement (Jana Aandolan-2)' from the perspective of peace and building consensus among governmental bodies;
  3. Inter college and 10+2 level 'Folk and Folk Pop Song Competitive Awareness Campaign' on the topic Democratic Republic, Constitution assembly and Inclusive Democracy; (2006)
  4. Celebrated 'Holi festival in Creative' way to minimize the deforms of it;
  5. 'Minimizing Destruction during Demonstration' project;

(February 26, 2007 to March 26, 2007)
Funded by: USAID/OTI

  1. CPA Education: Engaging Youth through Theater and Song;

(December 3, 2007 to February3, 2008)
Funded by: USAID/OTI

  1. Positively Engaging Youth on the 2nd Anniversary of Jana Andolaan II;

(May 2, 2008)
Funded by: USAID/OTI

  1. Holding Government Accountable: The First  Sitting of the CA;

(May 22, 2008 to June 12, 2008)
Funded by: USAID/OTI

  1. Accountability in Kathmandu Now! Engaging Youth on Democratic Norms;

(August 1, 2008 to December 15, 2008)
Funded by: USAID/OTI and

Funded by: USAID/OTI