Objectives Solve Nepal

Vision and Mission

Make youths politically as well as socially responsible citizens with consciousness towards development.

To empower and educate the youth on social justice, sustainable peace, human rights, sustainable development and to mobilize youth volunteers to help the development of society.

Goals and Objectives

  1. To build consensus on common social issues;
  • To build consensus on common social issues;
  • To increase youth participation in politics, production and development by empowering them;
  • To conduct research, awareness and training on multi sectors of it's working area;
  • To develop human resource through different capacity development programs (Training, workshop, seminar, national and international exposure visit);
  • To develop a responsible culture of protest suitable to the changing political situation;
  • To train volunteers to further SOLVEN's agenda.

About Youth Involvement
SOLVEN is trying to involve youth, both male and female, equally in its all programs and also makes proportional involvement of other indigenous nationalities and backward communities. Specially, SOLVEN is working with influential youths and community.

Working Areas/Disciplines
SOLVEN is working for the overall political, economical and social development of the society. For that SOLVEN has been specified the organizational work in the following areas:

  • Peace Building, Human Rights Protection and Good Governance
  • Environment, Climate Change and Bio-diversity Conservation
  • Gender, Health and Sanitation
  • Agriculture and Water Resource Conservation
  • Forest and Non Timber Forest Production
  • Education and Capacity Development
  • Art and Culture
  • Infrastructure for Community Development/Rehabilitation
  • Volunteer Mobilization and Exchange